Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pantera Discussion with Chad Lee - Ep154


In the early 1980's a pair of Texas brothers decided to form a band. 30+ years later, they are heavy metal legends. Pantera's rise to the top of the thrash heap happened despite a lack of heavy radio airplay and media hype. Their ascent was due to the power of grassroots word-of-mouth brought on by a legion of loyal fans that are still as fanatical about the band as they were at the end of their run in 2003. Today, we talk to a fan of the band that wound up in the inner-circle.

This week, Chris and Aaron are joined by rock photographer Chad Lee to discuss all-things-Pantera. Chad is not only a talented photographer but was a personal friend of "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott. He organizes the Nashville chapter of Ride for Dime. With the Nashville event coming up on September 27th, Chad sat down to discuss Pantera and Darrell's legacy, their material, and other entertaining stories about the "Cowboys from Hell." 

Ride For Dime Inc, a 501 (c) 3, charitable organization, honors the lives of guitar hero and friend, "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, Jeff Thompson, Nathan Bray, and Erin Halk. Ride for Dime has proudly given back to charities that were of interest to Darrell during his life as well as charities he would have been proud to be a part of, like IAVA. In 2010, they started planning and began raising funds for their own "Ride for Dime Scholarship Fund" and are well on their way with the addition of new chapters.

We encourage all of our local listeners to purchase a ticket to the upcoming event and hang out with us! Ticket purchase includes entry into a raffle for autographed guitars from KORN & Halestorm. If you aren't local, you can still purchase a ticket and that money will go towards the charity so you can help from abroad as well. All proceeds benefit Rock Against MS and Nashville animal rescue Proverbs 12:10

Event Information:

Ride For Dime Nashville 2014 3rd annual Motorcycle run and concert

Main Street Music
527 W. Main St.
Murfreesboro, TN 37129
Date: Saturday September 27, 2014 06:00 PM Doors: 5:00 PM

KIST -AMAZING KISS tribute full costume and stage show
Erasing Never
Sekond Skyn
The F**king Pantera Cover Band

Special Guest:
Jonathan Montoya - SALIVA
Nick Catanese - The Evil Twin (Black Label Society)
Nick Bowcott - (Grim Reaper/Marshall Amps/Guitar World Dime tribute)
Jose Mangin- (Sirius XM, Liquid Metal, Ozzy's Boneyard , Affliction Clothing)
Lüc Carl (Sirius XM Hair Nation, Ozzy's Boneyard Drunk Diet author)

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More information at
Ride for Dime on Facebook
Ride for Dime on Instagram

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Devil City Angels @ Southport Bar & Grill


Devil City Angels, the latest "Supergroup" played their very first show on (9/4/14) at Southport Bar & Grill in Indianapolis,IN. The band is made up of...

Tracii Guns - Lead Guitar
Brandon Gibbs - Lead Vocals/Guitar
Rikki Rockett - Drums
Eric Brittingham - Bass

I usually do not get too excited when I hear about some of my hero's from the 80's hard rock scene getting together to form a new band or "Supergroup". It usually ends up falling apart as fast as it came together or they put out one album followed by zero tours or live shows..(ie. KXM). In this case it seems to be just the opposite, the Devil City Angels have hit the road having only released four songs through their Reverb Nation page but with a back catalog of songs by their respective bands, what else do they really need? 

So, let's get to the show shall we? My buddy Scott and I decided to make the drive up to Indianapolis,IN from Louisville,KY to catch the show. The venue is a decent sized sports bar and as of late has been booking some pretty cool shows. I made the trip up back in May to catch an unplugged John Corabi show so I was excited to return to the venue and see the Devil City Angels. For this to be the very first Devil City Angels show the band DID NOT disappoint! Heading into this show all that most people had heard were the 3 or 4 tracks that the band has up on their Reverb Nation page. All of which were played along with such classic 80's Hard Rock hits as "Never Enough" by L.A. Guns, "Gypsy Road" and "Nobody's Fool" by Cinderella and "Talk Dirty to Me" and "Nothing But a Good Time" by Poison. The stand out song of the night for me was "The Ballad of Jayne"...that has always been one of my favorite songs and finally being able to catch Tracii Guns playing it live
was well worth the $20 cover charge.
I really do not know anything about vocalist Brandon Gibbs' history but the dude is a pretty solid front man/performer/guitar player and had zero trouble covering the material from the other members respective bands with the exception of maybe Cinderella. Something just didn't seem to fit vocal wise but in all reality, who can really sing like Tom Kiefer? No one, that's who! It wasn't "bad" just different.  Moving on to Tracii Guns, I truly believe Tracii is a very underrated guitar player and seeing him play live just re-enforced that thought. Tracii often broke into some bluesy guitar licks and blistering leads that breathed some new life into some classic songs!
Rikki Rockett, has never really been considered the most technical  drummers out there but he sure seems to be every bit the showman he has always been and was certainly entertaining to watch, not to mention being a pretty nice guy as well. This was my first time seeing Eric Brittingham live as I never got a chance to see Cinderella back in the day. Eric seemed to be a solid bass player. Eric's bass playing added with Rikki's beat made for a rock solid rhythm section. 

Now, to take a quick trip into "Negative-ville" for a minute, let's get to the "Meet & Greet" shall we? The Devil City Angels offer a Meet & Greet package for $50 That does not include the ticket price. I am REALLY not a fan of paying to meet someone. In this case I had a few classic LP's from my collection that I wanted try to get signed so after exhausting all efforts of contacting the Angels and the venue for some press credential's to no avail, I gave in and paid the $50. Was it worth it? Not really. Don't get me wrong, it was cool to shake the hand of one of my favorite guitar players, but seriously, is a hand shake really worth $50? Not to me.

Once the V.I.P. members were let into the room for the Meet & Greet we were told that the band WOULD NOT sign anything EXCEPT for the "pre-signed" band photo. One by one we were lead up to the band like we were getting ready to sit on Santa's lap for a group photo then quickly ushered out of the room. I am only adding this in here to help you make up your mind about purchasing the V.I.P. package. Personally, I would like to have my $50 back but hey, you might think it is worth it! You do get a pretty cool "Devil City Angels" tour pass though (pretty sweet for a collector), a "pre-signed" picture of the band and 1 picture with yourself and the band (as long as you have your own camera or phone). Still not worth $50. Just my opinion. You do what you want. No "shooting the shit" here just, "Hi, say cheese, bye". Save your $50 for something else. Seriously.

With all that said, please do yourself a favor and check out the Devil City Angels if their tour rolls through your town. Just save your extra $50 for beer.

If in the Indianapolis area or within a couple hours drive you should definitely check out Southport Bar & Grill. Have to hand it to them for bringing these shows to the region and supporting all the 80's Hard Rock bands that we all love. Check their website for upcoming events....

Be sure to swing by the Devil City Angels Reverb Nation page and give them a listen.

BTW....Keep an eye on our Decibel Geek Youtube page. There may just be a few videos from the show popping up soon!

There ya go, my first post. Short and Sweet.

MichaelG (or as Chris and Aaron have dubbed me...Metal Mike lol)


Friday, September 12, 2014

The Meister is Filled With Blind Rage!


 When iconic German metallers Accept, Wolf Hoffman (guitars), Peter Baltes (bass), Herman Frank (Guitars) and Stefan Schwarzmann (drums) joined forces with former TT Quick vocalist Mark Tornillo in 2009 the resulting album would be the first of new Accept music in fourteen years.  Blood of the Nations dropped in 2010, its follow up Stalingrad in 2012 and recently 2014 sees the completion of the trilogy, if you will, in Blind Rage.  All three albums are the highest charting Accept albums to date, Blind Rage the first to reach number one on German charts.  The latest, like the previous two is helmed by Andy Sneap and in a more "bang for your buck" play Accept has also included a DVD of their full concert in Chile in 2013!

We find the eleven song collection on Blind Rage starting strong out of the gates with the previously released in video format "Stampede".  This is a perfect opener and follows suit of the rejuvenated formula we received on Blood of the Nations and Stalingrad.  In "Dying Breed" we find Accept paying tribute to some classic bands such as Judas Priest, Deep Purple, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin among others proclaiming "They're the last of a dying breed and we salute you".  The slower, but still heavy pace of "Dark Side of My Heart" is reminiscent of old classic Accept.  "Fall of the Empire" is again a slower composition with a chanting background chorus but certainly no ballad by any means.  "Trail of Tears" picks up the pace once again starting out at a blistering pace while "Wanna Be Free" is a more mid-tempo selection leading off acoustically.  Tornillo's gruff and gravelly vocals shine in "200 Years" and "Bloodbath Mastermind" begins slow and soft before exploding into one of the best on the album.  "From the Ashes We Rise" takes us through to the absolutely awesome and longest running track, "The Curse", a sweeping epic of a track.  Another melt your face off rocker closes this awesome effort in "Final Journey".

With only a couple of songs contained here under the five minute mark Accept have submitted a worthy edition to their catalog in Blind Rage.  While perhaps just a smidge below (and I mean only just) its predecessors of Blood of the Nations and Stalingrad it's still an absolute must for any metal fan.  Sort of like completing the trilogy of the original Star Wars movies.

The Meister

(The Meister on Facebook) (Meister on Twitter)

(Accept Website) (Accept Facebook) (Accept Twitter)

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The Meister's Kissin' Dynamite!


German band Kissin' Dynamite released their debut album, Steel of Swabia in 2008 when they were but 15 and 16 years old.  Since then they've followed it up every two years with another solid
effort, Addicted to Metal in 2010, Money Sex & Power in 2012 and now the end of September sees Megalomania hitting the shelves.  The five guys from Swabia (a southern part of Germany), vocalist Hannes Braun, guitarist Ande Braun (Hannes brother), guitarist Jim Muller, bassist Steffen Haile and drummer Andreas Schnitzer formed as a school band.  They have opened for the likes of Steel Panther and U.D.O. who also lends his gravelly vocals to the title track on Addicted to Metal.

For their latest effort, Megalomania, and quite frankly my introduction to Kissin' Dynamite, they barricaded themselves into their studio in Flensburg, Germany for a few weeks to write the songs.  The press release uses the word "zeitgeist" in a few places and after looking it up on wikipedia I found it to mean: "The Zeitgeist (spirit of the age or spirit of the time) is the intellectual fashion or dominant school of thought that typifies and influences the culture of a particular period in time."  Well, let's see if Kissin' Dynamite characterize the zeitgeist as the release claims shall we.

With ten tracks and only a 39 minute run time this is already different than several other reviews I've done lately in which there are 11 or 12 lengthy tracks and total run times over an hour.  "DNA" starts things off and quickly has my attention after the synthesizer beginning explodes into the pumping beat that drives the track.  The darker and pace changing "Maniac Ball" follows and does not live up to the preceding track.  "VIP in Hell" however raises the bar once again, with a breakneck pace but the downfall are the "rap-like" sections of the verses.  My total album killer curse "The Ballad" rears it's ugly head in the fourth spot with "Fireflies".  Not being a fan of ballads, a few classics aside mind you, this one fares better than most and does not squash my interest in the album.  The shortest track and arguably the best on Megalomania, "Deadly" appears next, great rocker with a little more modern tinges.  "I'm the God in you"
chants the beginnings on "God In You" before it opens up into an anthemic balls out rocker and in "Running Free" we are treated to more catchy hooks and melodic choruses.  The industrial flavored "Legion of the Legendary" is not really my style and it's followed up by another yawner ballad in "The Final Dance" instilling a growing loss of interest.  The album closes with "Ticket to Paradise" containing a crunchy beginning and an infectious sing along chorus in this melodic masterpiece that ends on a high point.

All in all Kissin' Dynamite's fourth effort is decent, but a little "all over the map" between the elements of sleaze rock, hard rock, industrial, power metal, speed metal and ballads but the songs I like, I like a lot.  They've certainly enticed me into a search of the previous three outings, remember these guys are in their early 20's with four albums already under their belts.  Let's see what they come up with next.

The Meister

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dick Wagner - Welcome to My Nightmare: Live at The Basement in Nashville...


In April 2014, a few of the Decibel Geek staff took in a memorable performance by The Maestro Dick Wagner at The Basement in Nashville.  Here's one of the great moments captured on film in which Mr. Wagner tells a story of the writing of Welcome To My Nightmare before playing the song.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bride : Snakes In The Playground


In conjunction with last weeks "Heaven" episode and as a sort of extension to a piece I did about a year ago on the band Bride, I thought we could look back at the band's 1992 release Snakes In The Playground; their breakthrough album and 2nd in a series of 3 albums released on the christian major label Star Song. Former Prince And The Revolution guitarist Dez Dickerson was the Executive Producer on Snakes. Bride recorded the album in Nashville in 1991 and it features an appearance by Greg Martin of The Kentucky Headhunters as well as a handful of christian artists lending a hand. 

Psychedelic Super Jesus Live In Brazil
Snakes In The Playground saw the band move to a more straightforward hard rock sound verses their slightly thrashy roots. The lineup at this time was founding brothers Dale Thompson on vocals and Troy Thompson on guitars. Troy being quite possibly one of the most underrated rhythm guitar players alive. On bass was Rik Foley and on drums was a popular local musician named Jerry McBroom who at one time was a student of Scorpions drummer James Kottak, also a Louisville native.

Musically, this album has a great "live" feel with hints of Skid Row and Guns N' Roses. Vocal wise, frontman Dale Thompson incorporates those same hints and throws in a bit of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler to his own unique style.

Snakes In The Playground opens with the sound of a street preacher exclaiming "Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart today." just before the drum intro to 'Rattlesnake' sets in motion the driving guitars and in your face vocals which explain the album title: selling drugs to children. Aside from 2 ballads 'I Miss The Rain' and 'Goodbye', which aren't bad songs by any means, Snakes is a non stop rock n' roll train ride. Local legend has it that the song 'Psychedelic Super Jesus' is the bands response to another local Louisville bands opinion that Jesus was nothing more than a hippie guru. Whatever the case may be, Snakes In The Playground is one of rock 'n roll's lost treasures. Other standout tracks include 'Would You Die For Me', 'Fallout', and 'Dust Through A Fan'.

I had the opportunity to see Bride many times during this era and they never disappointed. It was always a high energy show led by their very charismatic frontman Dale Thompson and 3 top notch players laying it down tightly and seamlessly. Much of that playing is represented on this album.

The band still tours and records, having released their most recent CD Incorruptible in 2013. Critics say its their best effort since the early mid 90's era which included Snakes In The Playground. As I said in my piece a year ago, wherever you stand in your beliefs about God or the "R" word, if you're a fan of great hard rock and heavy metal, you owe it to yourself to give Bride a listen.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

CONFIRMED: I am a Rockaholic!


I have had the pleasure of going on the first three Monsters of Rock Cruises and I am currently booked on the upcoming fourth one in April 2015. One band that I am still surprised about their absence on the cruise so far has been Warrant. They have all the qualifications – American, MTV stars, late 80’s/early 90’s sound and they are still touring. Maybe there is a story behind why that I have yet to learn. However, I did get my chance to see them live on Sunday September 7th, 2014 as they pulled into the Western Fair in London, Ontario for a one off Canadian date.

Local band Nail started things off as they began to attract the fair goers towards the concert stage area. By the time Warrant arrived the place was packed. My sister Donna accompanied me to the park. She then asked me the infamous question us concert freaks get all the time. “So, how many originals left in the band?” I was quick to mention that the band consisted of the four original players from the heyday of their fame - Joey Allen and Eric Turner on twin lead guitars, Jerry Dixon on bass and Steven Sweet on the drums. The only replacement was at lead vocals once greatly held by the late Jani Lane who passed away in 2011. In the case of Warrant it is hard to complain about a band that wants to continue on despite the fact a member has passed on. I DO in fact have issues where bands have all original members but can’t get along long enough to give the fans what they really want – especially at this stage of our lives and theirs. Skid Row, Queensryche, Great White, Journey, the list goes on and on. (Don’t get me wrong – some of these newer renditions are pretty damn good.....but!). End of rant.

New on vocals since 2008 is none other than the great Robert Mason (Lynch Mob, Big Cock etc.). He truly has a great stage presence and really engages the crowd. He has a very distinctive voice but can pull off the lighter ballads such as "Heaven", "I Saw Red" and "Sometimes She Cries" with perfection. Although their set was short and sweet, clocking in around 1 hour and 15 minutes they managed to squeeze in all the faves and a few from their latest album Rockaholic. Warrant has the claim to fame in my books of having one of my all-time favorite songs from that era (or any other) in “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and one of my least favorite songs “Cherry Pie”. This show I heard them both live back to back to end the night and in between snapping pics I was actually snapping my fingers and fist pumping to the latter.

The power of loud, live rock and roll can do that to a person.

Here are a few pics from Warrant and openers Nail from the event.....enjoy!!
Thanks Brian
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18 Months And A Pack Of KISS Cards

I told my sister I had no idea what happened to her KISS ALIVE II record.  Don't fucking say anything.

In December of 1977 I was a first grader who had a recently turned seven.  My world was the size of my parents yard, which while sizeable at 10 acres, was still small in frame of reference.  But I was seven and it was all I knew.  Anyway, there I was a typical and happy small town (Country) Minnesota boy.  Other than going to church once a week I had no complaints.  It was a seemingly mundane trip to the Owatonna Pamida that would impact the rest of my life (as well as my wallet) in a manner I was too young to yet comprehend. 
Still Got It
Inexplicably my historically cheap (broke) parents told my sister and I that we could each pick one record  album as a pre-Christmas bribe.  I think my sister had been squawking about having to baby sit me for free and to keep the peace I was offered a treat as well. Being as it was Christmas time I was drawn to a record called Halloween Horrors.  But it was the cover of the record my sister picked that was far more scary.  She picked the released just in time for Christmas KISS ALIVE II.  I had no idea what I was looking at as my sister held it in her hands.  Was that paint on their faces?  Why is his mouth bleeding?  Is that a piece of his lip floating around in the blood flowing out of his mouth?  Dear God.
Once home, we listened to my record first.  Side one was a narration of a guy who inherited some haunted mansion.  Some spooky shit like that.  And side two was sound effects related to Halloween.  Then came KISS.  My sister put her new record on our console turntable and shortly after that is when it happened. 
I became a KISS fan. 
I listened to my sisters record nonstop.  I listened to it so much that a last minute addition to my Christmas presents that year was a pair of headphones.  In hindsight its clear that was more a present for my parents.  But this wasn't just music.  This wasn't just a catchy tune on the FM radio. This was monumental.  This was a way of life.  This was Larger Than Life (Side Four)  This, was KISS. 
By April 1978 KISS would release Double Platinum.  A greatest hits collection that came in a package that for even a seven year old can only be described as chub inducing.  By September the four solo albums were released which seemed like a lot of work to prove my family was poor.  But then in October, the greatest thing to ever happen.   Happened.  On Saturday October 28th 1978, just six days after my 8th birthday, KISS Meets The Phantom of the Park aired on NBC.  If I needed to pee during this I’m sure I pissed my corduroy’s as I wouldn’t have risked being in the toilet while they returned from commercial.  And I loved every minute of it and couldn’t find a flaw if I tried.  (I wouldn’t see it again until Christmas 1985.  When of course I videotaped so I might watch it another 2-300 times.)  In May 1979 they released Dynasty.  It would serve as their last legitimate (semi?) album with Ace Frehley, Peter Criss, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.  It wouldn’t be long before the inner turmoil would break up the band.  It wouldn’t be long before the changing music scene would view this bloated monster called KISS much the same way grunger’s would treat bands like Motley Crue and Ratt a decade later.  It wouldn’t be long before KISS was a band that didn’t wear makeup.   

In Canada the posters were square because the puzzle was too hard

Cords that may or may not have been
wet a few months earlier
Somewhere in the middle of December 1977 I became a KISS fan.  And by May of 1979 they had released 6 more KISS albums.  Just a little over 18 months.  During that time I slowly devoured their back catalogue.  It seemed every newsstand had an issue of 16, Tiger Beat or Teen with KISS on the cover.  KISS was everywhere.  Lunchboxes, Halloween costumes, board games, trading cards, pinball machines.  Even in my small town.  I soaked it all in as fast as I could.  I spent more time with headphones on staring at album covers  than being parked in front of a TV.  Rock Star had replaced truck driver as my future occupation.  My memory of that time is still that of a seven year old.  The space between all of those events seems like years upon themselves by today’s comparisons.  I can’t believe it was only 18 months.
In many ways by me growing up, KISS has let me down.  I used to believe in the devil and a bands ability to convey him.  KISS grew less ominous as I aged.  Those 18 months might have been a low point for the band behind the scenes but for me, it was the most believable time to be a KISS fan.  Those 18 months changed my life.  I have to a certain extent removed much of the emotion from KISS.  Part of me finds them silly, fat and old now.  Gene and Paul don’t look good in the makeup anymore.  And the new music feels as real as Gene’s hair.  But I love KISS.  I love to talk about them. They still fascinate me.  And probably most important the music still moves me.  And while they may have grown old and sound tired.  And while I may have grown up and grown tired...  That was a pretty good 18 months.



Monday, September 8, 2014

Rock and Roll is Dead? Not A Chance!

What? Rock and Roll isn't Dead?!

"Well in the millions of the billions of the records to come, a good one might come out once a year. So hop on the boat with Dead Clowns Float and laugh at every one loud and clear!" - Rock and Roll is Dead from the Dead Clowns Float, 1986.

Gene Simmons is a man of many words. Some might even say a man of too many words,
lately his words have elicited controversy but when I read his statement that Rock and Roll was Dead, I quickly read through the interview to make some sense of the comment that peaked my curiosity.

So is Rock and Roll Dead? I suppose it all depends on how you look at it. Gene is absolutely correct that the business model of the Rock and Roll music industry is dead. The model that existed when KISS first started out no longer exists.

The concept of getting a record deal, having the record company open their wallets to support/promote the artist is long gone. Bands in the 70's and early 80's that were talented and lucky enough to get major label contracts were given time and sometimes multiple chances to land a hit record and become "Rock Stars".

Record companies would go out and find bands, the chosen ones would get pushed (sometimes using questionable methods "payola") onto the radio airwaves and the artists could simply focus on their art and the performance.

To that end, Gene Simmons is spot on correct. The business model of Rock and Roll as KISS knew it is dead and buried.

Technology played a role in the demise. As a 44 year old music junkie, I watched music collections of vinyl giving way to 8 tracks and cassettes. I remember selling my own cassettes as the crystal clean sound of CD's came onto the scene and I proceeded to re purchase my musical library once again. The mid 90's gave way to digital downloading and the ease of sharing music illegally certainly played a part in the crumbling of the aforementioned business model of Rock n Roll.

It appeared to me that the record companies completely failed to embrace the new technology. They spent so much time and effort shutting down the likes of Napster and Limewire instead of building a new system to market their artists. Now don't get me wrong, I am not condoning illegal downloading. The artist deserves to get paid for their art  but by the time the record companies got a handle on digital downloads, ITunes had eaten their lunch and became the music industry.

The other thing (good or bad) is that technology allowed for the purchase of individual songs. The album as a complete body of work became obsolete. The instant gratification generation began buying just the individual songs they wanted and usually that meant the single because they already heard it 7 million times on the radio leaving the rest of the album on the cyber shelf. To me that was the final nail in the rock n roll business coffin. Why would record companies invest in an artist to develop and create when they are only going to sell a couple of singles anyway? So you get what we have now, tons of manufactured lifeless pop music, radio stations that play the same 40 songs day in and day out and a handful of pop bands that get lion's share of the promotion money to ensure they will be successful and make lots of return.

So business model aside, (I can see Gene $immons cringe with that statement) the question still remains is Rock and Roll Dead? I say NOT A CHANCE! and I will tell you why...

The same technology that steamrolled the Rock n Roll business model into the ground is the same technology that now allows bands and artists to take control of their music and create global exposure and distribution without the strings of a record contract. Yes, the financial "backing" of the labels isn't there but there are bands in every city creating their own market, promoting their own music and shows and having complete control of their destiny and keeping Rock and Roll alive with some exceptional music.

Social Media is the tool of the trade and anything has the potential to go "viral" when it is unleashed into cyberspace. I can introduce you right now to three bands that completely embody the spirit of Rock n Roll. They aren't rich and famous "Rock Stars" (yet) but they live, breath and tirelessly promote their music, their band and their brand (something I am sure Gene would be proud of) and that is where the Rock and Roll spirit lives in 2014.

SKROU, from Toronto has evolved from a fun time covers band into a lean mean touring machine. A debut CD to promote, they are playing shows all around Ontario every weekend and promoting every single show relentlessly. I am aware of their every move due to the tireless non stop promotion from singer Sam Kirou. If you are looking for a place to shake, check out SKROU.

Place To Shake - SKROU 

A REBEL FEW, formerly West Memphis Suicide, these Cambridge rockers are the real deal. There is something special when you see a band that truly loves what they do. Using social media to unite the "Dirtbags" (their beloved fans) they rally the numbers as the band headlines local clubs and supports rock legends like Skid Row, John Corabi, Kill Devil Hill, Jackyl and the KiLLeR DwArFs. For an all out audible assault check out A Rebel Few...

Bitter Man - A Rebel Few 

Diemonds, hailing from Toronto this balls out hard rock quintet are a total throwback to the golden age of heavy metal. They tour hard, rock hard and play hard marketing their brand all across North America and the hard work has seen them on the bill at Rocklahoma and have just been selected as one of the chosen bands on the next KISS Kruise. Wait, I thought Rock n Roll was dead? Not if Priya and the boys have anything to say about it as they jump aboard the good ship KISS.

Diemonds - Get The F@#K Outta Here 

Skrou, A Rebel Few and Diemonds, three great reasons that prove Rock and Roll is Alive and well in 2014.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hell - Ep153

After spending a week in the clouds, we're heading south......way south.

This week Aaron and Chris spin some of their favorite songs from the underworld. Hell - Ep153 features hellaciously good tunes from KISS, Turbonegro, King Kobra, Black Sabbath, Heaven's Basement, Halestorm, and much more.

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Heaven - Ep152

The guys are back from a week that nearly put Aaron Camaro out of commission and into recovery. After a health scare of pre-pneumonia, Aaron is back to help Chris tackle this week's subject; and is it ever a doozy.

This week the guys cover the first half of two very common subjects in songwriting; Heaven and Hell. Rock and metal bands have written about these subjects for decades and that only stands to continue in the future.This week Aaron and Chris spin some of their favorite tracks about the great beyond that is Heaven. In this episode you'll hear great tracks from artists such as Dio, Gunpowder Gray, Volbeat, Suicidal Tendencies, Stryper, Dokken, and much more.

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